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My journey through life is your journey. Mine has been erratic, volatile, sometimes painful, sometimes immensely happy. I’ve gained professional qualifications aplenty; however, its the mistakes I have made that are my true value to you.

In her book I thought it was just me Brené Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work who has spent the past thirteen years studying vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame, writes:

When we interview doctors, therapists and other credentialed professionals, we can’t assume objectivity. We don’t have the right to infringe on their private lives, but we do have the right to understand their professional values, ethics and their motivation for working with us. This is especially true for professionals who offer advice or guidance‘.

I entirely concur with those sentiments, which indeed inspired me to set up this site to provide a bit about my background, my journey, my mistakes and my successes, my perspectives on life and work so you can decide whether you want to keep in touch with me on your own life and financial journey, which may be very similar to mine.

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Your story

From hundreds of meetings with clients who have told me their stories, I know that comments such as ‘I’m worried I don’t have enough savings’ are only the tip of the iceberg. When I explore deeply I find that most have three key issues that they really want to deal with. They have hazy life goals and no financial plan, their assets are not performing as expected and they are not leading the life they aspire to. As a result, their lives are mired in uncertainty, anger and anxiety.

Here are three who found out how to sleep at night and live wholeheartedly by day.

‘Without (you) we would never have had the confidence to do what we are doing but would have muddled on in the same old way. Now we are on the brink of a major, albeit somewhat scary, adventure, secure in the knowledge that we have the financial backing to live our dream life style. It truly is all thanks to you (and) the enthusiasm, patience and confidence you expressed so clearly to us’.

Gerry and Caroline

From the dark to the light

From dark to light

In this series of posts you can read about my career, my journey and the beliefs that I have developed to take me through this journey.

My career

My career has spanned service in HM Forces through two university degrees, a long period in financial services as well as other projects.

My manifesto

My manifesto, developed over many years, helps me lead an authentic, fulfilled life free from the slavery of money.   I am compassionate towards myself, avoid perfectionism, and understand that I am enough I avoid causing harm and treat others as I...

Values and beliefs

My values and beliefs around life and money, formulated over the years, speak to spiritual emergence and now underpin my own life and career.

A fond farewell

Winding down my authorised financial planning practice now enables me to give my full attention to my fledgling life and financial coaching practice.

Taking stock

As I transition from an authorised financial planner into the deeper role of life and financial coach, it seems a good time to take stock.

This is Future

Over the years I have developed my own unique life and financial planning process to help us sleep at night and live wholeheartedly by day. This is FUTURE.

Making progress along the path less travelled

At the end of July, after thirty years, I stopped giving authorised advice. I completed the handover of my clients to Serenity Financial Planning. I wrote about this personally profound event at the time. It released me from the stress and strains of the regulatory...

A life changing Black Monday

30 years ago weather and financial storms hit the South east and the City hard. For me, the Great Storm and Black Monday did truly change my life.

My journey

My personal journey has not been a straight line, more a series of wobbles, U-turns, dead ends and mistakes. I used to be ashamed of my mistakes. I now regard then as my greatest asset and hope my experience will help people get up quicker than I did when I fell down.

My influences

I relish collecting and absorbing information, connecting with people and sharing ideas to bring about change for the better.

Whist the work I do is uniquely my own, it is built on a foundation of important influences stretching back to childhood, some of which you can read about here.

Family and the Forces

I come from a very military background, which is why I lump my family and my time in the Forces together as formative influences in my life.


Ironically, it was only when I returned to Ampleforth as a parent in 2003 that I began to appreciate how much sense Ampleforth makes in this crazy world.

Financial services, the City and financial planning

My business today has its origins in my first City job with a boutique investment management company and the after effects of the 1987 stock market crash

George Kinder

The financial life planning concept that George Kinder introduced to me in 2004 still sits at the heart of my life and financial coaching practice.

TBT Tuscany

Total Business Transformation was a very special time and place. It stands out as the most memorable of all my personal development events.

A life changing Black Monday

30 years ago weather and financial storms hit the South east and the City hard. For me, the Great Storm and Black Monday did truly change my life.

Right money, right place, right time

Right Money, Right Place, Right Time

In my wide-ranging and very personal book I advocate treating money as a means to an end rather than an end in itself. Using perspectives from life coaching and financial planning I describe how to always have the right money in the right place at the right time to live and breathe, to find choice and freedom, to transform our lives and the lives of others.

‘Brilliant! A very comprehensive book on financial life planning, it’s got it all. This is more than just a book on planning your finances (forget those books). This sets a precedent on how financial planning should be delivered in the future. It gives away everything you need to know about planning in spades, and more, developing your mind, body and spirit, and keeping you within the boundaries of your wallet – Steve Conley

Read the full story here.

Buy Right Money, Right Place, Right Time on Amazon UK or on Amazon USA

Three keys

Here are three ‘must have’ keys to restful nights and fulfilled days.



No apologies for borrowing the wisdom of others; its been around for millennia.

For Buckminster Fuller and me,


beats Me-or-You hands down.

Lynne Twist thinks that

I am enough, I have enough

and I agree with her.

'Data with soul'

In Brené Brown’s words, stories are data with a soul.

We need bravely to take ownership of our stories so we control them, rather than have them own us.

We need to write our own endings to our stories.

Explore The Wisdom of the Story with Brené Brown



If you are in struggle or not where you want to be, a process or system will stop you going round in circles.

I call my process FUTURE, short for Foundation, Utopia, Transformation, Utilisation of Resources, Roadmap and Engagement. This addresses your life and money together so you sleep at night and live wholeheartedly by day.

Read more here.

Explore further

‘You are a unique and wonderful human being. There is so much you have achieved already, and so much more you can achieve. In your heart of hearts you know you want to make a difference – to yourself, your family, your community, your work, your world. Yet you find yourself constrained by time, by money, by fear, by the rules of the world.

‘So how would it feel to have someone walk alongside you, working with you to maximise your potential and live a truly wholehearted and authentic life? How would it feel to have someone work with you to make the most of your time and resources? How would it feel to have someone accompany you on a journey to build a new relationship with money, free of greed, envy, comparison, uncertainty and “I don’t have enough…”? How would it feel to have someone work with you to gain the courage, power and resources to live your dream?

‘I hope it would feel good. I hope it would leave you soaring like a bird in the sky. In fact, I know it would because I’ve done it myself and for the last 15 years that’s what I have done for my clients. I can do it for you, too.

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Its not all work! I write about my personal life (though not my private life) as well as my professional life in this site and here are links to my social media and elements of my personal life which I am happy to share.

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