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Ethics in education

It became clear during the St Laurence Ethics Forum that strong values and good leadership were fundamental to the ethical delivery of education and the maintenance of integrity and ethical standards.

Happy Yorkshire Day!

Celebrate Yorkshire’s individuality and independence, its cheerfulness and wry humour and its generosity.

Ruth Harris’s Lourdes

The story that Harris tells of Lourdes will do much to deepen our faith and understanding of why we are drawn back time and time again to this miracle.

Certificate awarded

I received confirmation from the University of Chester today that I have been awarded the University’s Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching.

Nunnington News July 20

Much of interest, again, in this edition, including information on the easing ion lockdown, as well as lots of stuff about country matters and the history of the village.

Nunnington News May 20

We took a slightly lighthearted view of the pandemic on the front page of this edition, feeling our readers needed a bit of a lift!

Assignments submitted!

Thank heavens for lockdown! Without a much simplified life and far fewer distractions I am not sure I would have completed these on time.

Nunnington News April 20

The newsletter came into its own this month. We were able to include updates on the Corona virus and provide details of all those willing to help.

Getting to the start line

Each year as the Great North Run gets larger and larger and I get older and older, getting to the start line on time, and in a fit enough state to run becomes more of a challenge. This is my video of how i did it in 2019.  

Nunnington News March 20

Our first newsletter! Also an exercise in transferable skills, using techniques learnt whilst creating brochures and booklets for my business.

Words Not Deeds


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