Author: Jeremy Deedes


Will you join a small group of my friends, colleagues and professional connections to critique and test Living Money Online, my venture to bring a new way of thinking to the way we deal with our lives and money? The short video explains more and there are links to factsheets and other material below. Download factsheet Download brochure Visit Living Money Privacy and legal If you are interested in helping me, please get in touch with me by email at [email protected] or send me a private message via social media. Thank...

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Looking forward to 2018

A very happy, peaceful and prosperous 2018 to everyone! I’ve been hard at work at Living Money. Now, we’re ready to rock with some great stuff to help our clients get their lives and money working in harmony. Its been a while since I’ve posted here. I don’t apologise for this because I’ve been working hard over the last year to revolutionise the way we deal with our lives and money. Now, as we enter 2018 and I start to present my work to the world, here is an update you on what I’ve been doing. Living Money is my project to...

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Days Like These…

Nabakov describes a series of wonderful events punctuated by mishaps as ‘broken bridges’. This morning was more like river in spate with two stepping stones remaining.

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