Author: Jeremy Deedes

Third draft completed

At last, after all this time, I completed the third draft of my book, just before the end of the year. Managed to cut the word count down to just under 49,000 from over 60,000 and simplified the second half considerably. Now to get it published. Rethink, here I...

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Greed and letting go

Greed is all about possession, holding on, acquiring. Letting go is an essential element of transforming. This is why we need to banish greed. Without greed we can let go and become transformed...

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Developing the Living Money brand

Just finished my call with Louise Walker of Sherman Walker and we have agreed that she will start the process of developing the Living Money brand. A thoroughly revealing call as Lou took me on a journey through the deep meaning of LM. Lou works around the whole concept of a business, not restricting herself to simply designing a logo, so a very valuable...

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