Author: Jeremy Deedes

A different look at Lourdes

I was picked up for talking about ‘working’ in Lourdes. We don’t ‘work’, we ‘serve’. Far from being pedantic, this very quickly struck me as absolutely right and reflects the trend to put service to others at the forefront of our values.

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Reflections on KM8 – the terrible resolve of the sleeping giant

For a few minutes yesterday evening I felt sad and ashamed to be a Yorkshireman. North Yorkshire County Council had just let North Yorkshire down badly by approving an application by Third Energy to frack for shale gas at Kirby Misperton in the heart of rural North Yorkshire. This was in spite of ▪    an overwhelming number of objections (over 4,000 compared to 36 in support) ▪    powerful evidence of the dangers and disruption from fracking ▪    a rapidly growing trend in humanity and governments at all levels around the world to ban fracking ▪    a UK signature on...

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Rally for a frack free Ryedale

Today we held a powerful rally at North Yorks Council Offices for a frack free Ryedale. The occasion was the Planning Committee meeting to decide on Third Energy’s application to frack for shale gas at Kirby Misperton (KM8), a small village in the North Yorkshire heartlands. Madeleine Buntings superb Observer article from last week beautifully sets out the deep seated issues that surround this application: NYCC Planning Department have recommended approval of the application. However, On Friday the Committee heard 64 people speak against the KM8 application; only a handful of supporters will speak on Monday (its a...

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Madeleine Bunting expresses our hopes and fears for Yorkshire

Madeleine Bunting, author of The Plot, a history of an acre of land in the hills near Helmsley, writes succinctly and passionately about our hopes and fears for Yorkshire in her Guardian article. The photo is a view of the North York Moors National Park, into which fracking licences granted to six companies extend. Photo credit: Alamy In the timeless Yorkshire moors of my childhood, the frackers are poised to start drilling Villages in Ryedale, North Yorkshire, hope a landmark ruling this week will save them from the disruption of the shale revolution. Kirby Misperton, like many other villages...

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The King of Rome

‘A man can crawl around or he can learn to fly’ The King of Rome was a champion racing pigeon, bred just before the First World War by Charlie Hudson, a working man who lived in the humbler parts of Derby in England where dreams rarely came true. However, for Charlie, his dream of being able to fly came true vicariously through the remarkable endurance and staying power of the King of Rome who in 1913 defied distance and appalling weather to fly from his release point in Rome back to Derby in a race in which thousands didn’t...

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