I have spoken at conferences and workshops run by the profession for a number of years, providing fellow financial planners with insights into how to build a life planning business.

I have also run seminars and workshops for other professions to help them understand the financial services industry and how the professions can work together.

Recently I have been asked to speak to teenagers and young adults about money. These talks have been both about the ethics and emotions around money, as well as more practical talks on how to deal with money on a day-to-day basis. These talks are usually interactive, involving sharing stories and working in groups to develop solutions to case studies.

You can see the slides for one of these presentations here.

I was recently invited to talk at a Christian faith based school about the role of money in life, and ran a highly successful 45 minute workshop entitled ‘Can we serve two masters?’. Based on the core values espoused by St Benedict in his Rule, it involved looking at how these values could shape our approach to money and working through a set of mini case studies with students to see how these values could be applied in day-to-day life.

I publish a short audio blog every Monday morning (the Monday Money Manifesto, with the first Monday of the month dedicated to the global economy and markets. These are posted at audioboo.fm/livingmoney, where you can hear the sound of my voice.

Please get in touch by email or by phone on 01439 770 105 for further information.