Over the years many of my clients have been kind enough to write about the service I have provided to them, often commenting on how I have been able to make significant changes for the better to their lives.

Here is a selection. For reasons of privacy and security some clients have requested that we do not publish their full names or information that could lead to them being identified. I have of course respected this request when made.

Originals of the testimonials can be viewed at my offices in Helmsley. Click on the names to read the full text.

Gerry and Annette

‘This was a truly liberating experience and at the end I was able to make decisions, both financial and life style, based on a clear understanding of my financial situation and realistic aspirations.’

Justin and Winnie (2)

‘It was the tension between vision and reality created by this process that gave my wife and I the impetus to make substantial changes to the way we thought about and managed ourselves financially.’

Mick and Grace Scott

‘(…) we were shown how, with little tweaks in the way we managed our money, we would be able to afford the things we wanted over the coming years.’

Simon Lees

‘(…) the work that we did together was to bring to the surface and crystallise some of the dreams and thoughts that I was curious about and wished to explore in more detail.’

Lynn Holmes

‘This revolutionised my feelings about money and I became much more in control of it. It freed me up to plan for the future as well as dealing with the present.’

Bill and Thelma Port

‘Jeremy is very straightforward, extremely competent and very approachable – he is more like a friend than an adviser.’

Justin and Winnie (1)

‘Embarking on this process with you has already helped hugely by focusing us on our values, enabling us to share dreams openly and without reservation or fear, and given us a sense of possibility about the future that we, in truth, did not feel.’

Name withheld at client’s request

‘It was a revelation to me to look at things, as I felt, “the other way round”; I had always looked at the amount of money I had and made decisions from that instead of recognising my life priorities and heading for those.’

Gerry and Caroline

‘We would never have had the confidence to do what we are doing but would have muddled on in the same old way. Now we are on the brink of a major, albeit somewhat scary, adventure, secure in the knowledge that we have the financial backing to live our dream life style.’

Kit and Caroline

‘This has meant that we now have a greater sense of security, confidence and understanding in dealing with our money.’